About Us

We are a band primarily based out of Corona, California. 

The chances of us meeting each other and being intertwined as a group was unlikely, but everything melds together when it comes to playing music.  As we would like to put it - We were on the hunt for like minded people that wanted to share our love of music, come together to make something unique, and have a good ol time jamming.  As a whole, we’ve lived through many seasons of life in a short amount of time given the uncertain times of experiencing a pandemic and having to hang up the passion for the past few years. Through our attempt to make a name of Pool Surfers with original members of the project, we’ve faced obstacles that seem impossible to endure. 
Overall, we’ve managed to write a plethora amount of original music and we have impressed ourselves with our potential.  The best way to explain our sound for the cold crowd is that we are a good mix of indie, alternative rock, and reggae music.